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South Ockendon Driving School - Driving Instructor Since Year 2000Specialised in Anxiety - Driving Phobia. Professional Life Coach&M.V.R.P - Mental Visual Rehearsal Program079 60 95 27 03 

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Noel Christopher

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Here`s what people are saying about South Ockendon Driving School run by Noel Christopher. Post Code RM15.

These testimonials are real from real people.

Mimi of Grays passed driving test in Tilbury Mimi passed driving test

Testimonial from Mimi


Hi, my name is Mimi, a waitress in Grays’ Town.


I'm glad to say a big thank you to Noel for helping me to pass the driving test and overcome my fears. Noel was the first instructor I had. He was very patient with me from the start, he's skills and knowledge as a Grade 6 driver instructor and as a person helped me to build more confidence in me and learn the right way to become a good driver.


I learned to control myself and be focused on what I need to do, not on my fears. I had passed the test second time I have to admit but I learned as well from my first driving test and got better and passed with ease.


I did my test in Tilbury Essex route which was very familiar to me due to intense practice hours I've done with Noel.


I am definitely rating Noel Christopher 10 out of 10 because he is a great instructor and a great person who know how to motivate you and transform you into a good and safe driver. I will recommend him to my friends because I know they will be in good hands.


Thank you, Noel, for a great experience and wish you all the best!




Carol Passed her driving test in Barking Carol passed driving test

Testimonial from Carol


I have been a pupil of Noel Christopher for approximately 2 years. I think the thing that makes me different from many students that he teachers are that I started to learn to drive at the age of 55. I was very nervous and unsure if this venture was worth pursuing at my time of life. Noel gave me every confidence. His humour, skills and professionalism. I enjoyed each lesson and new challenges as his “mature student” I would most definitely recommend him to young and not so young students.

Thank you, Noel.



Dear Noel,

Thanks you very much for your effort. How you teach me to drive. You are such a wonderful instructor and I hope you keep up the standard and good reputation, reliable and punctual in your driving business. Keep up the good work..

Sincerely yours




Is a mother, in a professional career and married to a vicar.


I have been a student with Noel for just over a year. He has good time keeping manners and is very professional.. He is very observant of his students skills and analysis

their skills and sense of reasoning.


When he has given you a lot of correction, he softens his tone to give you a boost in order to keep you calm.


There are times when he will give you a mock test, to see how you are progressing.


He is firm, but kind and he keeps his car clean, in fact, he will double clean his windscreen on the day of his students driving test!




Archana Venugopan passed driving test in Barking Archana Venugopan passed driving test

Archana Venugopan


I would honestly say that Noell was simply brilliant in helping me to pass my driving test and I absolutely loved my time learning to drive with him. He is an amazing instructor and is more like a friend than a teacher and he always made me feel confident whilst driving. We would always have a laugh during lessons whilst still retaining a very serious undertone and without Noel, there is no way that I could have passed the test.


He got a real passion for teaching people. He gives utmost importance to even very minor details which can even be overlooked by test instructors whilst maintaining safety drive all the time. Just before the test, I was so nervous, but the kind of positive energy/confidence he brought in me that juncture is the experience that I will never forget. Thank you so much Noel Christopher


Ann Sophia passed driving test in Goodmayes Ann Sophia passed driving test
Ann Sophia
Dear Noel,
Comment from the instructor, Noel Christopher.
Ann was very determine in over coming her fear of moving off at traffic lights and juction, yes the uphill too! Ann learnt how to overcome her fears, which she learnt during my coaching lessons. She soon was free from it...
Thank you very much Noel for your dedication and constant encouragement during my time of learning with your driving school.
I was one of your nervous student , who panics alot whenever I make a mistake. But It was your professional calmness and constant encouragement, that kept me going.
You was more than a instructor, you are also a counsellor and health advisor. Thank you for your health tips,calming techniques and encouragements too.
You are the best! always on time, very efficient, giving your student their money's worth.
Now I am the calmest driver in the whole world. Thank you again!
Ann Sophia

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