South Ockendon Driving School - Driving Instructor Since Year 2000 Specialised in Anxiety - Driving Phobia. Professional Life Coach & M.V.R.P - Mental Visual Rehearsal Program 079 60 95 27 03
South Ockendon Driving School - Driving Instructor Since Year 2000Specialised in Anxiety - Driving Phobia. Professional Life Coach&M.V.R.P - Mental Visual Rehearsal Program079 60 95 27 03 

Lesson Plan

The driving lesson plan consists of 19 unit. It's drawn up by the DVSA who sets the driving test standard. Each unit is a detailed description of the course of instruction for an individual driving lesson.

  1. Controls
  2. Moving Off and Stopping
  3. Independent driving for 20 minutes
  4. Following directions from a Sat Nav
  5. Park in a bay - driving in and reversing out
  6. Parking in a bay - reversing in and driving out
  7. Parallel Parking
  8. Emergency Stop and Mirrors
  9. Pedestrian Crossing and the use of signals
  10. Approaching junctions to turn left or right
  11. Emerging at T Junctions
  12. Crossroads
  13. Meeting other traffic
  14. Crossing other traffic
  15. Overtaking other traffic
  16. Adequate Clearance
  17. Roundabouts
  18. Progress, Hesitancy and Normal Positioning
  19. Pull up on the right-hand side of the road, reverse for 2 car lengths and rejoin the traffic


Stage 1

  • Cockpit drill

  • Move off safely

  • Stop normally

  • Use of satnav

  • Change gear 1-2-3-4-5-6 - Reverse

  • Use clutch control

  • Move off at an angle

  • Approach junctions to turn left and right

  • Approach junctions to emerge left and right

  • Move off on a hill - down

  • Stop in an emergency

  • Approach crossroads

  • Sat Nav



Stage 2

  • Use of mirrors and signals effectively

  • Reverse in a straight line and in angle

  • Parallel parking and bay parking

  • Approach mini and main roundabouts

  • Keep pace from  traffic and with traffic

  • Overtaking stationary vehicle and moving a vehicle

  • Meet traffic and cross-traffic

  • Dual-carriageways

  • Anticipate other traffic


Stage 3

Stage 4


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