South Ockendon Driving School - Driving Instructor Since Year 2000 Specialised in Anxiety - Driving Phobia. Professional Life Coach & M.V.R.P - Mental Visual Rehearsal Program 079 60 95 27 03
South Ockendon Driving School - Driving Instructor Since Year 2000Specialised in Anxiety - Driving Phobia. Professional Life Coach&M.V.R.P - Mental Visual Rehearsal Program079 60 95 27 03 

Intensive and Refresher lessons

Intensive - Refresher and International Driver's Lesson Program


All driver training programs comes with the best service in the market which caters for individual learning program  and diversity.


Did you know that, frequent and consistent driving lesson programs are best. But the quickest and most cost effective way in learning to driving is THE INTENSIVE DRIVE COURSE.


We offer an intensive driving lesson, service to customers who are suitable for intensive tuition! Suitable means; those students who are able to cope with the extra associated stresses, and learn over a short period of time. (from 1 to 4 weeks).


Unfortunately, there are some prospective customers who are just not suited for intensive tuition; this would just waste their money and time.


However, by spreading the same number of lessons over a longer period, the same student would most probably do better!


Unlike some nationally & locally advertised residential/driving courses, We will NOT take on anyone for an intensive course until we have fully assessed them and their ability and aptitude.


Avoid those businesses which will take a student on for intensive training with a driving test at the end, without an assessment first! There are several horror stories I could relate about these practices! Without first seeing someone and assessing their ability, it is virtually impossible to tell how many lessons a person will need to reach the required DSA standard to pass a practical driving test!


Promises won't get one to pass a test!


Intensive driving course:


All driver training programs comes with the best service in the market which caters for individual learning program and diversity.


Intensive and Experience driving (international) courses are for a minimum of 2 hours per day.


  • One 2 One in car training - only one student at any time


DVSA lesson plans


  • Log book

  • Full hours or period (2 hours minimum per day)

  • Personal lesson plans

  • Constructive on road learning activities

  • In car theory and hazard perception training

  • Assessment throughout the course

  • 1st Mock Test

  • Final Mock Test


We are located at:

Noel driving school

South Ockendon


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