South Ockendon Driving School - Driving Instructor Since Year 2000 Specialised in Anxiety - Driving Phobia. Professional Life Coach & M.V.R.P - Mental Visual Rehearsal Program 079 60 95 27 03
South Ockendon Driving School - Driving Instructor Since Year 2000Specialised in Anxiety - Driving Phobia. Professional Life Coach&M.V.R.P - Mental Visual Rehearsal Program079 60 95 27 03 

Driving Lessons for Manual and Automatic

*Special Offers for Full Time Students in further Education and Low income.

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Top Offers for Manual Lesson

Explore our best selling offers

Pay As You Go

Monday to Friday before 5 pm  - £25.00 per hour

Monday to Friday after  5 pm - £27.00 per hour

Saturday and Sunday anytime -£27.00 per hour

With one lesson in advance

Block Booking

Monday to Friday 10 hours for £240 -- Save £10

Monday to Friday 20 hours for £440 -- Save £60

Monday to Friday 30 hours for £630 -- Save £120

Saturday and Sunday 10 hours £260 PLEASE CALL


Intensive Course

Please call for your personal package to suit your needs - 07960952703

Automatic lesson starts from £27 per hour anytime. Please call for Block bookings

All driver training programs in Ockendon comes with the best service in the market which caters for individual learning program and diversity.


Driving Lesson Program

Monday to Friday from 8 am - 9 pm.


  • One 2 One in-car training - only one student at any time

  • DSA lesson plans

  • Logbook

  • Full hour or period (1.5 hour - day courses)

  • Personal lesson plans

  • Constructive on road learning activities

  • In-car theory and hazard perception training

  • Assessment throughout the course

  • 1st Mock Test

  • Final Mock Test

    Car for use on the test day if required and eligible. Please call for further info

Driving test will change from Monday 4th December 2017. Are you ready?

4 Steps changes. Watch the change ......

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Noel Driving School

South Ockendon


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